• Pilates Pilates

    Have a program tailored to you using a combination of a reformer, trapezius tower, bands, balls, rollers, sliding plates and much more

  • Why we are different Why we are different

    With so many physiotherapists out there find out what sets us out from the crowd.


At Elite Physiotherapy Mackay we treat all areas of your body. Necks and backs… sporting injuries… women’s health… neurological conditions… even jaw pain!

BUT what sets us apart from other physiotherapist is much more important

  • We assess your whole body. Too often things get missed by being focused on just that sore area and not considering the effects on your whole body. This is why the pain comes back or you never fully get better.
  •  We explain everything to you giving you a treatment plan so that YOU know what is wrong with YOU.
  • We use our real time ultrasound machine so you can see your muscles working whether it be your core stomach muscles, deep hip stabilisers, pelvic floor muscles, rotator cuff and so on. When YOU can see them working or see the problem, YOU will be able to understand your exercises better.
  • We do full body biomechanic assessments of your walking and running (not just looking at your feet). By doing this we can stop pain, prevent injuries, improve endurance, improve strength and most importantly improve performance.
  •  We are the only physiotherapy clinic in Mackay with 3 state of the art Pilates reformers. This means that you will always be able to use specialised equipment even in a class.
  • We do full cycling assessments which include riding techniques and bike set up. Say goodbye to numb fingers, sore knees and tight hamstrings.
  •  We are the only clinic in Mackay where you can do BOUNCE Back. This is a highly researched and proven back, hip, neck and shoulder rehabilitation program. BOUNCE Back is an 8 week program that promotes strong and healthy bodies as well being able to look after yourself. 

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